Our Story


Our Gotland adventure started when we got our first 5 sheep; 3 ewes (Joy, Serenity, and Topeka), a ram (Fredrick), and a wether (Carlton). Soon after our fab-five arrived Joy gave birth to the “Triplets” (Jasper, Aurelia, and Katie Lou). The next year we had Fredrick’s 5 children; Olive and Opal from Joy, Inara Serra and Kaylee Frye from Serenity, and Turtle from Topeka. Sadly, we lost Fredrick and Jasper to sudden onset health complications in the fall of 2018, but we have welcomed two new ram lambs to our flock this summer: Kaden and Kjell. We are excited for lamb season in the spring and are always looking for new, unique names to add to our list.