A flock of Swedish Gotland sheep dressed in the finest of wool clothing.

A small family farm with the goal of sharing the beauty and waggly tails of Gotland sheep.

Joy, Topeka, and Serenity (from left to right)

Joy, Topeka, and Serenity (from left to right)


Our Sheep

Our farm started as a dream; and was made a reality when we received our first three ewes (Joy, Topeka, and Serenity) in December of 2017. Since that exciting winter, we’ve tripled our numbers and with each lamb comes more excitement and love and soft, soft wool.


Soft and warm.

We love running our fingers through this yarn about as much as we love scratching our sheep’s backs; it is always soft and warms our fingertips. We have loved watching their wool morph into beautiful shades of white, silver and black. This year’s batch of yarn is a selection of the three; Serenity, Topeka, Katie Lou, and Carlton contributed to the light blend; Joy, Aurelia, and Jasper (as seen on the left) contributed to the medium blend; and our yearling lambs Olive, Opal, Inara, Kaylee and Turtle contributed to the black.